Verne Trester, gunsmith, Expert Witness Testimony
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Verne Trester
Firearms and Ballistics Expert Witness Testimony
Centerville, Indiana
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Working as a gunsmith for over 20 years,
and offering Expert Witness Testimony
in firearms cases over 10 years.

"Verne Trester is very knowledgeable, methodical, logical, and believable."
Stephen M. Sellmer, Attorney at law.

An Expert Witness is in independent expert hired (usually by an attorney) to analyze evidence and give a professional opinion on what that evidence means.  Before cases go to court, one of the parties may wish to have an outside expert review a police report or evaluate evidence. An Expert Witness is someone with recognized expertise in their field, and usually someone who has already been recognized by a court as capable of forming a professional opinion, and communicating it well.

Often, the outside expert will corroborate either one side or the other in the interpretation of evidence.  Sometimes, a report from an outside expert may bring things to light which both parties in the matter have not considered. 

Expert Witnesses sometimes offer testimony in court as to their observations and interpretations of the evidence which they examined.

Expert Witnesses do not take charge of your case or legal matter.  They are a resource for attorneys.  If you have a matter in which you believe that an independent expert in firearms or ballistics can help you, please have your attorney contact me.

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